Huerons: A challenging puzzle

One Rule - Handcrafted Levels - Nightmarish difficulty

Huerons are tiny colored circles, adjacent Huerons merge at empty cells. Your goal - Merge all Huerons leaving only one on the game board.

Are you up for the challenge ?


Minimalist Design

A clutter and distrubance free design. Your attention is always on trying to find that Eureka! moment to complete the puzzle.

All levels unlocked

125 levels and all unlocked from the start. Unable to solve a level ? Not to worry try others and come back to it later.

9 types of Huerons

Different types of Huerons with special characteristics eg. Portals, Blenders, Chameleons, Wanderers etc. introduced every few levels to add more spice to the game.

Free updates

New levels would be provided as free updates. The only in-app purchase is "Hints" which we hope you would never need.